About Us

ConnectEducate provides organisations with staff training requirements the opportunity to Connect with Training Colleges to engage in the most appropriate curriculum and access government funded subsidies allowing a low-cost/no cost option for maximising upskilling staff subsequently improving on business operations

ConnectEducate’s ability to work with organisations comes from 20 years of education and training experience, across multiple industries and disciplines ranging from Automotive, Telecomunications and Aeronautical to Training facilitation, Sales and Management, Project Management and Psychology.


Colin Warnock

Colin Warnock

Colin Warnock is an experienced Sales Director with global sales experience across key international and multinational Aviation and Automotive Tier 1 organisations.

Bringing 30 plus years’ experience of employing staff, growing staff, diversifying businesses, and change management, Colin’s passion for working with clients at all levels to meet head on their challenges put’s Colin front and centre for the value ConnectCareers provides.

Prior to joining ConnectCareers, Colin worked as the Chief Executive Officer of a leading Change Management Group that delivered training solutions for the Global Automotive Industry and worked in heavily regulated government controlled markets to ensure not only solid business growth, but the awareness and unique selling points of the businesses he was leading.

Dr. Natalie Flatt Ph.D

Natalie McCabe

Dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D is a Doctor of Psychology and is passionate about making a shift towards positive mental health in the working community. Natalie has extensive experience in both academia and solution-focussed intervention to asisst with anxiety, stress management, relationships, and workplace conflict. Her therapeutic work offers practical, evidence-based solutions to assist professionals to overcome a wide variety of difficulties to ensure ongoing emotional resilience, wellbeing, and improved self-confidence; resulting in higher work life satisfaction and productivity.