Ambitions Realised

ConnectEducate is part of the Connect Group Services (CGS) Positive Employment Eco-System (PeES) Portfolio for the supportive approach to securing work, upskilling capabilities, optimally managing our working life and mitigating burn out whilst maximising productivity and ensuring a positive approach to Mental and Physical Health

Programs and Services

Employee Upskilling

Employee Upskilling involves connecting Businesses needing staff accredited training  with Registered Training Colleges to expand and improve upon their capabilities.

Job Seeker Certification

Job Seeker Certification involves connecting Job Seekers registered with a Job Search Agency with Registered Training Colleges to obtain accredited education required to gain employment.

Employee Engagement Programsabove-art-background-733852
Through Employee 360 and Engagement Surveys, a detailed analysis is provided to assist in the identification of employee needs concerning upskilling and/or further education, maintaining employee job satisfaction.